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Red Oak Repair Chatham

1) Flooring Preparation;
2) Portion demolition of the old floor; 
3) Unfinished 2 1/4 Red Oak Installation, nail and glue down method; 
4) Oak floor sanding;
5) Applying one coat of Minwax Stain;
6) Applying 2 coats of water-based Bona Mega finish.
7) Floor buffing;
8) Applying 1 coat of water-based Bona Mega finish.
9) Applying 1 coat of water-based commercial Bona Traffic finish.

Red Oak Patching. Before

Red Oak Patching. Preparation

Red Oak Patching. After demolition.

Red Oak Patching. After Demolition

Red Oak Patching. New hardwood installed

Red Oak Patching

Red Oak Patching

Red Oak Buffing after floor was refinished, stain and couple coats of finish was applied

Red Oak Patching. Buffing

Red Oak Patching. Finished

Red Oak Patching

Red Oak Patching

Red Oak Patching. Finished view

Red Oak Patching. All done

Red Oak Patching

Red Oak Patching

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