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Floor materials Category Tue, 21 May 2019 22:34:54 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb COREtec material - revolution in flooring material

 Every aspect of live sometimes is getting changed and flooring is not an exception. For the last decade there was no major changes until lately. COREtec by USFloors is a new, high quality material which we're happy to offer to our clients. No, it's not a product that was invented yesterday - we wouldn't recommend something not proven by time. First COREtec material was installed by Happy Floors Inc crew 2 years ago and it's still looks like brand new material - extremely high durability and stability. COREtec performs well in Cape Cod weather conditions and makes your room look great!

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You’ve got kids? What do your floors look like? b2ap3_thumbnail_kids-playing.jpg

This is an all too common problem with parents, especially new parents. As a mother-to-be, (coming summer 2015!) I can only imagine what my floors will look like after the new bundle of joy is here! I have a hard enough time keeping them clean with a large black dog, a small white cat (yeah, who came up with the plan to have a pet of each color?), and a husband who loves playing/working in the yard more than an 8 year old. If you’re like me, keeping your floors clean and scratch free is a full time job all on its own! The key to this problem, I’ve found, is starting with the right floor for the life you lead. If your life is calmer and you don’t have to worry about much maintenance, not only are you one of the lucky ones but you can afford a more expensive and softer floor if you chose. If, however, your life is as hectic and dirty as mine, you’re going to need some serious durability and a small price tag to boot. Here are a few tips to help you with your flooring decisions.

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The Many Benefits of Vinyl Flooring b2ap3_thumbnail_snippy.PNGPeople can be surprisingly opinionated about which type of flooring they prefer. Some crave the comfort of a plush carpet, while others prefer the look of a shiny hardwood floor. As with many other things, folks seem to be sure of what they like to walk on.

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Carpet or Wood? Which Flooring Should I Choose?

You don’t tend to think about your home’s flooring unless something goes wrong. Have you ever had a pet leave their business on the carpet, and even after using some sort of cleaner, that stain still bugged you? Or, perhaps, with a carpet, it faded in parts where the sun hit it daily, and/or got torn, worn or just plain outdated? It happens. Meanwhile, carpets tend to aggravate people’s allergies because they’re dust collectors.

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Quick overview of hardwood-laminate-tile-vinyl-carpet flooring materials.

If you don't know what floor will fit your house better, here is very brief, but useful, overview of the most commonly used flooring materials. 


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What You Need to Know About Cork Flooring

What you need to know about Cork Flooring:


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The Best Flooring For Your Summer Home

The Best Flooring For Your Summer Home

Now that we’re entering the winter months, it’s inevitable that many of you will be closing up your summer homes at one point or another. Here on Cape Cod, that likely means a beachfront property. We’re experienced in all kinds of different residential and commercial flooring projects, and we know that vacation homes tend to have unique needs that differ from those of your main residence. Due to the fact that your vacation home is often empty for much of the year, coupled with the specific demands of more rural geographies, it is essential to approach your flooring options differently than in your main property. Here are a few flooring options that are perfect for different summer homes, and contact Happy Floors for all of your flooring needs!

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Acclimating Your New Flooring: Why it’s Essential to Wait


Acclimating Your New Flooring: Why it’s Essential to Wait


A word of caution, never let your contractors install your new floor as soon as the cartons arrive at your home. Any new floor, whether it’s hardwood, engineered wood, or laminate, needs to sit in your house for at least 48 hours in the room it will be installed in order to acclimate or to become accustomed to a new climate or conditions.

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Heated Floors for Your Home

What do you think when you hear “Luxury”? Do you think of marble columns? Maybe golden toilets and owning your very own pet tiger? We all have a different idea of what luxury feels like, but one thing we can agree on is owning a tiger is probably out of our price range.

But what if you could afford some great luxurious upgrades for your home you may not have even thought of? Here’s one that usually is not on homeowners’ minds when renovating; heated floors. I mean, who wouldn’t want heated floors? If you have ever dreaded going into the bathroom on a winter's day solely on the basis of that cold tile floor, then you may have considered installing radiant floor heating in your house.


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What floor should I put in my kitchen?

What floor should I put in my kitchen?

Kitchens are tricky places for flooring, especially when they have a direct line to your dining room or living room. You want to have a nice, cohesive look extending from one room to the next, but the soft, luxurious carpet you have in your living room that’s perfect for warming your toes during an evening movie isn’t going to hold up to spaghetti sauce and oil splatter in your kitchen. What kind of flooring can stand up to the wetness, wear and tear that your kitchen can dish out but still look similarly attractive as the rest of your house? Here are a few choices:


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Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions About Flooring

There are a lot of questions when redoing your floors. Let us help you out with a few of them...


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